As a Grumpy Old Woman do I qualify for this group?

  1. Liz in Italy
    Liz in Italy
    Buona sera a tutti,

    I am old and I began wearing Worth's Je Reviens when I was 17 in 1960. My first bottle of Balenciaga's Quadrille was an 18th birthday present.

    I have been frustrated for years by the fact that whenever I find a perfume I absolutely love, it is inevitably discontinued, or worse, it is "re-issued" with the same name but smelling nothing like the original.

    The amount charged on ebay for half empty or empty bottles of vintage perfume is horrendous, and I could cry when I think of the number of empty original bottles I have thrown away over more than 50 years.

    Does anyone remember the Jean D'Albret perfumes Ecusson and Casaque? I loved both.

    Liz in Italy
  2. BetsyMeszaros
    Liz, I too am an old woman. I think I am about 3 years younger then you are if that.

    Absolutely share your frustration with the discontinuations and reformulations. I've learned if I like it to go back and buy another bottle fast and store it in a cool dark place like it was a fine wine.

    Do you remember Tabu, Intimate, the original Shalimar, and My Sin? I wore them all in my teens.

    So glad you joined us. I don't post much anymore but you really brought me out.


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