As a Grumpy Old Woman do I qualify for this group?

  1. Liz in Italy
    Liz in Italy
    Buona sera a tutti,

    I am old and I began wearing Worth's Je Reviens when I was 17 in 1960. My first bottle of Balenciaga's Quadrille was an 18th birthday present.

    I have been frustrated for years by the fact that whenever I find a perfume I absolutely love, it is inevitably discontinued, or worse, it is "re-issued" with the same name but smelling nothing like the original.

    The amount charged on ebay for half empty or empty bottles of vintage perfume is horrendous, and I could cry when I think of the number of empty original bottles I have thrown away over more than 50 years.

    Does anyone remember the Jean D'Albret perfumes Ecusson and Casaque? I loved both.

    Liz in Italy
  2. BetsyMeszaros
    Liz, I too am an old woman. I think I am about 3 years younger then you are if that.

    Absolutely share your frustration with the discontinuations and reformulations. I've learned if I like it to go back and buy another bottle fast and store it in a cool dark place like it was a fine wine.

    Do you remember Tabu, Intimate, the original Shalimar, and My Sin? I wore them all in my teens.

    So glad you joined us. I don't post much anymore but you really brought me out.


  3. Liz in Italy
    Liz in Italy
    Thank you, Betsey for the welcome message.

    And Yes, I do remember Tabu. And from being very young I even remember my mother having a tiny dark blue bottle of Evening in Paris. I tried some on one day and then wondered how she found out I had done it.

    Am I just losing my sense of smell with advancing years, or am I right that the scents of most perfumes now no longer last in the way that they used to?

    Now using mainly perfume oils which I love and which do last and come in small roll-on containers so simple to apply and easy to carry.

  4. BetsyMeszaros
    I don't exactly know why but to me it seems the newer perfumes just do not last that long and they all smell alike. Lots of vanilla and sugar.

    My mother used Evening in Paris. I bought an old bottle on e-bay a couple of years ago and wear it every mother's day. It was such a dime store scent back in the day but now it smells so good. The same person created Chanel #5 I think. It is such a beautiful scent.

    There is a modern version you can buy but it smells nothing like the original and is really pretty bad.

    I wonder how your mother knew you had used it???????? (LOL)

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