Guys, I am back

  1. PerfumeCollector
    Hi guys:

    I had a heart attack and stopped coming to the Basenotes webpage, but I am fully recovered now and a double bypass surgery left me like new.
    Of course I had to retire from work and decided to move to Spain to enjoy my retirement, it took a while to get the residence papers in Spain, but after a long wait my wife and I could move to a beautiful resort town near Malaga.
    Unfortunately i had to leave my over 700 bottles of perfumes back in the USA but I guess I will start a new collection here in Spain.

    Good to be back,

  2. Ciprian
    Glad to hear you are feeling well.
  3. Monsieur Montana
    Monsieur Montana
    Great to hear from you again PC. Spain is a wonderful choice for the retirement.
  4. Darvant
    Glad to know about It, welcome back here on Basenotes.
  5. bigsteve
    Oh, I remember you well, and am so glad you're back on BN. Sorry about the health issue, but very happy you are as good as new. Lucky you being able to relocate/retire in Spain. A very appealing choice. Keep enjoying the fragrance game!
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