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  1. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    I just noticed some new fragrances listed by a Spanish perfumer called Bravanariz out of Spain in a place called Barri de La Pobla which is apparently near Barcelona Spain. They are supposed to be a Spanish type version of US perfumer Juniper Ridge as in all natural wild harvested plant essences, except that Bravanariz doesn't care about being IFRA compliant and there are several of their perfumes that I want to get a nostril on.

    1. PI: Fragrance Listed notes: Pine Tree. Sounds like it should be right up all Coneheads alley, doesn't it? Hard to come by for US collectors unless you have an inside track with someone in Spain. The Bravanariz website says that PI is only available in Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, and Viena. And, that there are only 50 bottles available. Annoying, but worth owning, trying, or smelling.

    2. Silvestre: Sounds like it might be an Eau D Cologne for Coneheads. Listed notes: Juniper, Rosemary, Pine tree, Sweet orange, Lemon, Bitter orange, Mandarin. Yeap...sounds like another one I definitely want to own, try, at least smell. This one may not be as limited as PI.

    3. Bosc: Another one that may be worth smelling: Listed notes: Oakmoss, Juniper, Rosemary, Mastic, Pine, Sweet orange.

    4. Illa: Wouldn't mind sampling this one. Listed notes: Hypericum balearicum, Myrtle, Neroli, Rockrose, Rosemary, Thyme, Fennel, Pine, Orange, Lemon, Virgin olive oil.

    5. Fum: Sounds interesting. Love the pine resin note. Coffees not a note I usually seek out in a fragrance, but it would be fun to smell this to see if it's amazing or not. Listed Notes: Juniper berry, Orange, Coffee, Pine resin, Birch bark, Moss, Smoke, Woods.

    Anyway, these all sound like fragrances it would be fun to at least get a sample set of. If I find a way to snag some, I'll write a review. Meanwhile, if anyone has information on these, meaning they've tried them or have some reviews of opinions, please let us all know what you think! Thanks...
  2. junior_surgeon
    These all sound really nice, not sure how feasible it will be for me to get ahold of a sample set but maybe one day!
  3. ScentMemory
    Wow, those all sound great! Especially Bosc. Mastic is a note I wish I'd see in more perfumes.
  4. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    I received my bottle of Bosc yesterday and it is a beautiful coniferous fragrance!!! I'm so very pleased with it! It really does bring the intended feeling that Ernesto told me he wants to create, which is that of being in the coniferous forest and smelling all of the fragrant aromas that meet you there in the wild. I love it and I'm so excited to try all of his conifer centric fragrances!

    Speaking to the review of Bosc that said it has a smell of moldy cheese, now that I've worn it I just don't share that opinion. I did smell a very slight smell of something that someone might construe as a blu cheese smell, but it was such a vagrant whisp of a smell that I'm shocked someone would think the fragrance smells like moldy cheese overall... because it definitely does not. What it does smell like is what Ernesto Collado Sala told me he is going for...a walk through a coniferous forest. Just a beautiful fragrance. The only thing I wish it had was a longer sillage. It is a natural fragrance, so it's brevity is to be expected...but I'd still like it to last a bit longer. However, it is still definitely worth a full bottle in my opinion.
  5. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    Here are a couple of update posts I already posted in the Bravanariz Fragrance thread, but wanted to share with my Conehead brothers and sisters!

    Yes, he told me they would all be available in the US in a short period of time. I asked him what a short period of time was and he said a few months, so I'm very excited!

    Also, yes, I knew that Silvestre came in a 200 mil glass bottle and I can't wait to get a bottle or two.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these fragrances. The few reviews I've found have said some interesting things about both PI and Bosc....namely that PI has a "rotten" smell and Bosc has a "moldy cheese" smell...LOL.

    When I asked Ernesto Collado Sala about these comments, he said that he loves the smell of moldy cheese! LOL!

    He also explained to me that when he creates a fragrance he is going for the whole experience one has in nature when they smell a pine tree, or whichever tree or foliage he is trying to capture, he is actually going for the whole fragrance experience one has in nature with these plants. For example, there is a type of mushroom that only grows around the roots of coniferous trees and that note is also in PI which gives it an additional note beyond the pine bark, wood, and resin.

    I think it's brilliant and am so looking forward to having his fragrances in my collection.

    2nd post:

    Ernesto Collado Sala shared with me that all of his fragrances will be available at The Canvas by QUERENCIA in NYC in a few months, maybe in as little as a month, so that is great news!!!
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