How common is perfumers block?

  1. RuRu
    I am finding, and I have heard tell of perfumers block. How common is it and how long does it last?
  2. janmeut
    Is that a kind of "writers block" ?
  3. hirch_duckfinder
    If you get "blocked" go back to basics. Make a generic fragrance - a simple chypre or a lavender water or lavender vanilla combination or a rose soliflore or mix up a classical heart of rose and jasmine which you are pleased with or a simple vetiver fragrance. Enjoy the smell of the ingredients and don't worry about making it different or unique.
  4. miraculousbeads
    I have experienced perfumer's block when creating natural perfumes. What I do is imagine what I want the perfume to smell like and begin with base notes writing down the amount of drops for each essential oil added to the blend. If I'm not happy with it and don't know what it needs, I let it age for a month. Then I return and give it a sniff. If I like it I leave it alone. If I think it needs a little somethin' I add it. Then I leave it alone again for about a week. I return to give it a sniff and test some on my wrist to see how lasting it is.
    This is certainly tedious, but I love a challenge.
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