Brut (Unilever) versus Brut (Faberge)

  1. Scent-e-mental
    Today I got a 100mL bottle of Brut Original EDT from a chemist ($15). It is in a weird shaped (squat-looking) bottle with clear glass - the fluid is yellowish. It is made by Brut Parfums Prestige (Unilever). This is the first time I have ever seen it. I also recently bought an EDC of Brut Classic (88mL glass bottle with medallion around neck of bottle). Does anyone know why there are the two different Bruts and also, which do you prefer? I will do some comparisons tonight and post later.
  2. Nevena
    I prefer the original. My English teacher (a stunning model looking, tall, blond lady) wore it when I was 8 and this is how I discovered it. It was a strong and unusual smell. It never crossed my mind it was a masculine drugstore stuff. 15 years later my perfume mentor said it was her prefered masculine frag and I went to Boots to smell it. Memories came back and the elusive scent finally had a name. I immediately bought myself a bottle and wore it. I adore it. I recently sampled the new one in my local supermarket and, although not bad, it's nothing to be talked about - un undescript masculine cheap OK scent. Original wins hands down.
  3. shamu1
    I've never heard of Unilever, but the drugstore version I have is in a plastic bottle by a company called Helen of Troy, Ltd. Are we talking about the same version here, if you know?

    I also own "Brut Classic", which is the exact same one scentemental has (i.e. 88 ml. in green glass bottle). I like the drugstore version, but I LOVE the Brut Classic version. I do smell differences. The drugstore version smells harsher and thinner than Classic, and smells like it's got more synthetics. It's good, but not great.

    Classic, on the other hand, is superb. It smells exactly the same way I remember Brut smelling like back in the 1970s, and I'm assuming it contains the original (or close to the original) formula. It is a lot richer than the drugstore version, it smells much GREENER than the drugstore version, and it smells like it has better quality ingredients. Granted, I find it does smell a bit dated, but so what? It's still a great fragrance.
  4. Scent-e-mental
    Hi Shamu1,

    The Unilever bottle (Brut Original) I have looks like this:


    It is a 100mL and supposedly an Edt. It was approximately the same price as the brut classic. On the back of the box it says "Brut Parfums Prestige...Paris 1965" and apparently is made for the UK market. I will have to revisit them both to compare them as I could find little difference, though I thought the Classic was stronger.
  5. Kuldeep S
    Kuldeep S
    I also own a brut original edt by Unilever in green glass bottle. what is the difference between this and edt that come in squat shape.
    Also I don't know that who is the legit manufacturer of brut special reserve (green glass bottle with medallion) and classic green glass bottle version.
    As per my knowledge there are only two manufacturers one is Unilever and other is Helen of troy. I visited both websites and I don't find there special reserve and classic green glass bottle versions. Only Unilever produce green glass edt version of brut but that is not special reserve, nor classic.
    if someone clarify me on this issue I will be very thankful to him. I suspect there are fake perfume online.
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