Why do you use organic?

  1. Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony
    I note that no discussion has started so I thought I would take the lead.

    I use organic for two reasons. Firstly, I am concerned with the number of chemicals we put into the environment. I try to reduce my impact on the environmet by using organic products. Secondly, I have a skin condition that is aggravated by just about all commercially aviable products except organic.
  2. Grottola
    Thanks for starting a discussion Marc!

    I use organic for those reasons and more - 60% of what you put on your skin goes into your body. Most mass-marketed shampoos, body washes, etc all are formulated with petrochemicals and plastics.

    If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin!
  3. melliferam
    Hello there to all in the organic group. I dont exclusively use organic products and fragrances, but would like to use them more.
    I like the idea that nature has made the perfume, it resonates better with me than thinking it is a chemical reaction. I am a product of nature so it make sense that i am attuned to the perfumes of nature.
    On the fragrance front there dont seem to be many options for buying all natural fragraces. I have been looking longingly at the Profumo website http://www.profumo.it/perfume/home_english Just the descriptions have me swooning and i almost succumed to a box of 6 samples but at the last minute i found the cost was not what i thought it was but needed 20% added for VAT.
    Still i know when i am a bit more flush i will have to sample, but wish they did some smaller samples as it is going to be a lot of money for a blind (well anosmic) buy.
    Can anyone advise on good places to buy some organic or at least natural fragrances?
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