Do we need heroic doctors?

  1. ECaruthers
    House and ER and Gray's Anatomy make great drama. But most doctors don't have to perfectly remember a disease from a 5 year old article after working 30 hours. So what should we really expect of doctors? And, if we didn't expect doctors to be superhuman, would we be safe if a whole lot more people became doctors for a lot less money?

    Obviously, I'm after a way to expand the number of doctors while reducing their cost. In the US there is a desire to improve medical treatment and a simultaneous desire to reduce the % of Gross Domestic Product spent on medicine. These desires are incompatible unless we can figure a way to get doctors (and hospital workers, and lab personell, and drug companies) to work for about 1/4 what they are making now. I couldn't afford a 75% pay cut. I assume none of them could either. But maybe we could get there in 20 years if we started building a lot more medical schools and accepting students who are merely excellent.
  2. ECaruthers
    BTW, some of the heroic doctors we see on TV don't exist in any form. Greg House, on the TV show House, is chief of his hospital's Department of Diagnostic Medicine. I spent much of 2009 getting a diagnosis of the cause of my hip pain. I went to my primary care physician, two hip surgeons, a chiropractor, two radiologists and a spine surgeon - because there is no specialization in diagnostic medicine and no hospitals have departmebnts of diagnostic medicine.
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