How many doctors do we need?

  1. ECaruthers
    Type, “How many lawyers are there in the US?” into Bing and the first hit (from says, “According to the American Bar Association, there were 1,128,729 resident and active attorneys in the United States in 2006 and 1,143,358 in 2007. A small percentage of the increase (actual number 352) is due to American Somoa and Guam being added to the survey in 2007.”

    Ask the same question about doctors and the second hit (from says, “From 2004 census statistics of the US Labor Department and of the American Medical Association, there are approximately 885,000 (884,974) doctors in the US.” The first answer says there’s an oversupply and, “there are more than enough doctors and nurses … and …, even if no more of these professionals were allowed into the United States, there will continue to be a surplus for the foreseeable future.”

    I was just wondering, how many times a year do you need a lawyer and how often do you see a doctor?
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