Dunhill English Lavender

  1. StewartGallacher
    Has anyone heard of this one? I just came across a mini (5ml) bottle on ebay and couldn't resist pulling the trigger on it! Will provide a full report when it arrives. In the meantime, I'll add the ebay picture of it to the group.
  2. Colin Maillard
    Colin Maillard
    Lol, this looks popular. Just came here to say I've just blind-bought a 50 ml EDT of this, I'm super curious about it!
  3. Louie The Lilac
    Louie The Lilac
    Luckily acquired a 60ml Vintage Bottle & Box of Dunhill English Lavender from an eBay Seller in Italy.
    Love the stuff! Nothing much complex -- just a very straightforward, no-nonsense smooth and refined lavender scent reminiscent of Aqua Lavanda by Puig but more polished.
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