Nordstrom International Plaza - Tom Ford Private Blend Event - Saturday, April 16, 2011

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  1. petruccijc
    Hi Everyone,

    I was at Nordstrom at International Plaza, and they told me they have having a Tom Ford Private Blend event on Saturday, April 16, 2011.

    So I thought this may be a good opportunity for all of us to meet up, sniff some fragrances, and spend some time together.

    Let me know if you are interested.


  2. Robin-in-FL
    Thank you for posting this and sending the message. Yes if they do the event I'll definitely try to get to this, I have not smelled any Tom Ford.
  3. LostboyR
    I am penciled in and will see you all there.
  4. SymbianBlack
    i might have to make trip
  5. petruccijc
    I called Nordstrom. They are still having their Trend Event on Saturday, 4/16. But unfortunatley, they could not get the Tom Ford rep to come do a presentation of the Private Blends. They said they may have samples of them though.

    They are also having a Fragrance Event on Saturday, 4/30 (no Tom Ford rep then either).

    If you still want to meet up Saturday 4/16, or Saturday 4/30, let me know.

  6. LostboyR
    I'm still game for this Saturday. If it's more convienient to meet up on the 30th then that's fine too.
  7. petruccijc
    I'm thinking April 30 may be a better day for me.
  8. LostboyR
    Sounds like a plan. April 30th it is then.
  9. Robin-in-FL
    April 30 for me too.
  10. petruccijc
    The 30th is not looking good for me. If anything, I may be able to get there mid to late afternoon.
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