For English People .. how did you know about arabian oud ?

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  1. tahasyed
    Insider's scoop: a *LOT* of 'Indian' ouds, for some time now, haven't been Indian ouds. They obtain oils from other countries (e.g. Indonesia), cut, mix (e.g. with bouya), dilute, or blend... and then sell it as agarwood oil. Of course there are honest producers like Taj, but exceptions don't make the rule.

    By the way, did you know that Indonesia has been a producer/supplier of oud for, like, forever? The island of Java was exhausted so long ago by the Portugese that oud hasn't existed there for a long time. Which is why I found it funny when a couple sellers were selling 'Jawi (Javan) oud'.
  2. Manuel
    Taha, that's an interesting bit of info. I have an oud that Sharif sold me some time ago labeled "Tasikmalaya Royale". According to what you mentioned, it couldn't possibly have originated there. So now I'd like to know just where the heck it came from, because it really is quite lovely. If you PM me your address I can send you a sample -perhaps you can help me place it on the map.

    Mad14- yes, I'm Muslim :-) My wife and I reverted about 7 years ago.
  3. Manuel
    In the meantime, I'll try to post a description of the Tasikmalaya oud just to help give an impression -but I'll have to get back home first because I'm texting and driving at the moment!

  4. IndianBoyz
    Well Abu there is no reason to call it Arabian oud just because there's a certain Arabian smell or just because there is a favour of the smell. This does not make sense at all because pure Hindi oil will smell the same even when sold by Arabs such is pure Cambodian, if there's an 'Arab smell' then the oil is a blend of different oils obviously, still oud is not Arabian.
    Besides you do not see Japanese calling their style of agar products a 'Japanese Agarwood', they're rather humble in the naming of their products in my honest opinion.

    And ofcourse Indians have their nitch with agarwood, it grows in India, we've been using for centuries before it was known in different parts of the world.There is no wood attributed to Arabs just because they love a certain type. I'm pretty sure Japanese buy the highest incense grades of wood in the world and nowadays the Chinese buy most of some Indian companies.
  5. abubakr_al-misky
    What I am saying is I dont know any Arabian company that has claimed oud comes from any Arab country. There is a company called Arabian Oud , but thats just name not a claim. Besides Ajmal is Indian , AL Harmain is Bangladeshi , and many other companies in the Gulf are not Arabs but rather Indians.
  6. IndianBoyz
    I totally understand what you're saying here. But rather I was referring to the title of this thread. I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about the company called Arabian Oud.
  7. Manuel
    Ok, I'm finally back home. I spent some time with the "Java" oud, however I'll move over to the 'Agarwood Oil' thread and post about it there since it would be veering off topic of this particular thread.
  8. acer3
    Indianboyz, why are you making an issue from a non-issue? Just leave it be ...
  9. acer3
    Interesting ... so the Porgugese burn Oud or do they harvest it for the oil?
  10. IndianBoyz
    For you it might be not an issue, I felt I had to explain oud is not Arabian. Don't mind.
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