Salalah report first part

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  1. Profumo
    The frankincense that we know from the Bible came from Arabia felix, that is the dhofar region of Yemen presently in Oman. A green pearl in the desert coast of the Arabian “Empty Quarter” desert.

    Blessed by the tails of monsoon, Dhofar is the region that produces the best Frankincense in the world and Salalah its capital is the Mecca of its trade since thousands of years.

    When I reached to Salalah I was immediately met by Trygve she took me straight in the desert 60 kms from the town to meet her trees.

    The Frankincense trees

    The brabches are covered with strange skin.

    Here is the liquid treasure, the Frankincense.

  2. Guest 3
    Guest 3
    Imagine having your own frankincense trees. And what a beautifully pristine beach. Do the camels in Salalah live in the wild? What beautiful photos!
  3. Profumo
    This is just the beginning Lillybelle. The camels are everywhere in the region, you must be very careful when you drive.
  4. odysseusm
    I love frankincense, how wonderful to see where it comes from!
  5. Profumo
    You will see, more photos are to come, and tha stange story of an american lady destined to this land.
  6. Nymphaea
    What fantastic photographs! Imagine having an escort like Trygve. Sounds like a dream come true. Do you happen to know how often they collect the resin from the trees? That would be an amazing experience to watch. Can't wait to see more!
  7. Profumo
    I have asked to a seller and I was told that it is all year round, collecting different qualities, but I have realized that there is much secrecy about the the whole trade, and that Trygve is still discovering the hidden things.
  8. Nostalgie
    Can you smell the resin as you approach? Or is it something that has to age, or process first?
  9. Diamondflame
    iirc Dragon's Blood is similarly 'produced', no? Anyway, thanks for the photos. The world is indeed a beautiful place!
  10. Profumo
    Nostalgie, I do not know because I went to Salalah with a cold and was not in smelling conditions by the trees where Tryge took me. You may ask her as I hope that she will join the club soon.
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