What was the best sample you ever got that wowed you?

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  1. TaraYvonne
    I've had this happen...instant love. You open it, you lift it to your nose...ahhhhh! The most delicious scent you've ever encountered. No need to put it on, you KNOW you'll buy it. It's just that good. So tell me everyone, what was the one that did this for you?
  2. Aiona
    Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box) (reformulation)

    Sniffed the nozzle, and thought, "Mmm!"
    Sprayed it on, "MMMMM!!!"
    2 months later, I have purchased 3 bottles of it. Yikes!
    Deadly to my wallet, this stuff is Aiona-nip to my soul.
  3. AromiErotici
    As cliched and tired as this may sound, Patou PH did a number on me when I sampled it. It was yard out after that. This still is my favorite scent above all others.

    Since sampling it, I purchased it 3 times and have had a few swaps thrown in as well. When I smell this stuff while goofing off on the computer or what-have-you, I realize I really am strung out like a research monkey on this juice. Nothing compares......
  4. Nostalgie
    Oh, so many! But for that immediate reaction. I'd have to say:

    Une Fleur de Cassie....Lyric....Chamade

    Cabaret: not my very top favorite, but a happy surprise.
    I have a big box of samples (which I'll call the BBS) gathered over the years, not at all organized (in general my samples and decants are rather well organized by house, or alphabetically).

    In the BBS are many things I've just never bothered to try: something by Jessica Simpson, other celebrity scents, a Spiegel catalogue scent...uh huh, that's right!

    I was rummaging through the BBS and inattentively sniffed Cabaret. I was smitten!
  5. analavande
    I was most recently swept off of my feet by 'Straight to Heaven'. As soon as I can justify the expense, I will be purchasing a full bottle.
  6. TaraYvonne
    Ummm, mine was Carnal Flower, Frederic Malle. I hadn't even got the top off it before I could smell the heaven wafting toward me and I fell hard. Like a ton of bricks. If it weren't for other expenses I'd be buying that so fast! Alas, life gets in the way and I must wait By the by I can at least get more samples for now. Any suggestions for smoldering red hot scents for a woman anyone???
  7. arwen_elf
    A very generous BNer just sent me a sample of Bois des Iles perfume. Stunning!
  8. bbBD
    Esprit de Cuir by Auguste. OMG. This blows away every other leather fragrance I've ever tried, and of course it's now sold out at Luckyscent AND TPC. For a while TPC was selling samples after their bottle stock ran out (probably from their tester), but even those are gone now. I'm glad I bought two samples from LS at the time, but now I don't even want to use them until I secure more.

    I was able to hunt down the bottle source... talk about complicated! Without boring you the details, I can get a bottle via my French shopping service. I plan to get one next month.

    It's pretty rare a sample makes me flip out like this....
  9. ahp
    I am newly addicted to sampling: Jicky, Bandit, Fracas original edp, SDV, all so much discussed on BN I had never smelled until my first TPC sets last week - now in awe. CBMusk and Tihota were favorites too. I know that's a lot but they will forever be etched in my mind as the beginning of my addiction.
  10. Kirsten
    For me, it was Apres L'Ondee parfum. I really shoulda started with something more attainable!
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