Old School SotD's

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  1. shamu1
    This will be the daily Scent of the Day thread for the members of this group. If you happen to be wearing a powerhouse/old school scent, feel free to post it here.

    NOTE: Please don't create separate SotD threads for each day, like they do in the Mens Forum. I'd like to just keep it to this one thread.

    Today, my SotD is:

  2. easyfish
    Congratulations on this nice brainchild, shamu!

    I. Zizanie (thank you, SiMo)
    II. Azzaro Acteur
  3. Rossi46
    YSL Pour Homme (I'm LOVING this fragrance!)
  4. santino
    GIORGIO FOR MEN by Giorgio Beverly Hills! I love this scent.
  5. Swanky
    One Man Show.
  6. darren1
    today, it is capucci pour homme
  7. Sporenburg
    Oscar de La Renta Pour Lui (I'm still wrestling with this elusive scent.)
  8. ruffin
    Mine go with classic of scent.......Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

  9. Wolland
    Tabac Original EDC. This is a wonderful fragrance in a floral european barbershop style. I`ve just opened my brand new 10 oz bottle and I`m a happy man. Something was weird though because after putting the bottle back in the box and then opening the box again and smell it, I got an obvious fresh cut ginger note. Ginger is not listed in Tabac`s note pyramid and I wonder if I am misinterpreting another accord.
    Another strange thing is that on my skin Tabac EDC has a powerhouse longevity (12h +).
  10. SillageMonger

    YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration (Thank you, easyfish!)
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