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  1. shamu1
    Tuscany Forte
  2. PerfumeCollector
    Original Fendi???? Wait, that's not american

    Halston 101 then
  3. santino
    I think it can be tuscany forte as shamu1 said, except that it was released in mid 90s- 1994 (not late 90s).
  4. Nevena
    Can it be Extreme Polo Sport? It was released in the late 90s and way stronger than the Polo Sport. But then Polo sport came out in the 90s as well and not mid 80s.
  5. PerfumeCollector
  6. Scent-e-mental
    Congratulations Shamu1 it was indeed TUSCANY FORTE, my next clue was going to be a black bottle. How I miss my Tuscany forte! I made the bottle last 10 years!! Your turn Shamu1!
  7. Scent-e-mental
    Sorry about the date (late 90's) here in Western Australia it takes a while for things to arrive. I first saw Forte in 98.
  8. santino
  9. shamu1
    Can I propose another rule? If you guess the perfume, you get to either pose a new question or pick someone else to do it?

    I propose santino, since I don't think he's had a turn yet. You game?
  10. santino
    I appreciate your spirit Shamu1.
    The fragrance I am thinking of is from a house that is known for disastrous discontinuations of many of its gems. I am glad that this one and his brother have survived. It has a complete retro feel to it. Biggest hint: I burst into laughter when I saw the box. (It shouldnt be difficult now!)
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