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  1. PerfumeCollector
    Patou for men?
    I think it has been discontinued, I have not smelled PfM in decades.
  2. shamu1
    None of those, guys. Plus, this one has not been discontinued, nor do I think it ever has been.
  3. Scent-e-mental
    Is it Aramis 900?
  4. santino
    Eureka! Monsieur de Givenchy. I have newer version of this one (never smelled the original) but I have heard legends about the older one.
  5. shamu1
    Santino is the winner! Monsieur de Givenchy! One of the true greats of all of masculine fragrances.

    I've only owned the vintage stuff (not by design, but because that's what I've been sent when I've ordered it), but I have sampled the current version, and it is excellent. The only difference I smell is the reduced civet in the new stuff. I've worn this frag since the late 90s, so this is one frag I have a lot of experience with.

    Your turn santino.
  6. santino
    The fragrance I have in my mind is arguably one of the most unique smells out there. This one came out after the classic era ended, but it sure beats the crap out of its modern peers. Whether this one is classic or not can be argued by many, but I have no doubt in my mind that it can stand up to other giant classics. Hint: The creative producer of this fragrance eventually started his own line.
  7. PerfumeCollector
    Lauder for men?
  8. santino
  9. PerfumeCollector
    Fred Hayman created his own house after producing

    TA - DAH

    "Giorgo for Men"
  10. santino
    "This one came out after the classic era ended".
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