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  1. Nevena
    Caesars and it smells awesome in hot weather. Good luck with it. Please, do not pour down the drain in case You decide You can't wear! I'm sure someone else will love it. And yes, it's strong.
  2. darren1
    pino sylvestre?
  3. darren1
    aramis herbal
  4. santino
    et tu could indicate to caesers. its green. with big cap. legendary cologne spray is what the bottle says.
    I think its caesers.
  5. darren1
    yeah, youre right...we just need it to be official
  6. Scent-e-mental
    Correct! I love it, my wife hates it. I was greeted by a little girl today (I am a teacher). From 5 feet away she said "Are you wearing man perfume?"
  7. santino
    I had that in mind but you said that you have never smelled this one before. That was the part that baffled most. Cuz if you have had experience with Drakkar Noir, you know Caesers. And its hard to conceive that a power frag nut has never smelled Drakkar!!!
  8. santino
    Nevertheless, I would like to laud Scent- mental for this brilliant idea.
  9. PerfumeCollector
    Gotta try it!!!!

    Twice in Vegas, at the Palace, I had it in my hands and the asking price was 9.99 for the 4.2 oz and I said no.

    Next time I'll get it for sure.

    Anybody cares for another round?, I think it was fun
  10. santino
    You can get at the same price at TJMaxx or Marshalls.
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