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  1. easyfish
    OK, the flacon looks like a taylor´s dummy (vintage) and it got a female counterpart (with another name!), both iconic scents of the 70`s.
  2. Nevena
    Could it be Snuff by Schiaparelli?
  3. Scent-e-mental
    At first I thought Le Male, but that's not old enough. Then I thought it might be something by Avon...(they had lots of wacky bottles) but what? My knowledge of the 1970's is fairly thin. There is a bottle I have seen - it's from a company that I know makes stockings (my wife had some of this brand) the company begins with Sc... but I have no idea if this is the company. Shocking
  4. Scent-e-mental
    Nevena got in first. I think the ladies' version might be called Shocking.
  5. easyfish
    No, no, my fellow powerhousers!
    Another hint: herbs, herbs,....
  6. Scent-e-mental
    Hmm tricky, herbs...
    had a bottle like that..
    I think.
  7. easyfish
    Nnnno! It got the "herbal issue" it its tagline!
  8. shamu1
    Aramis 900?
  9. Nevena
    Hm, there was a popular cheapo called Rocky and it was very herbal and in a torso like, but flat (from profile) bottle. It came out shortly after the famous film. It was not a copy of a famous frag. The same company made later Cobra - the Poison copy. So, Rocky man?
  10. easyfish
    ...The point goes to the leader of the pack! Congratulations, shamu!
    Aramis 900 Herbal Cologne with its ladies´equivalent Aromatics Elixir.
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