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  1. Nevena
    Congrats, shamu!

    Easyfish, I see no similarity between the Aramis 900 bottle and a taylour's dummy. Was it sold in a different bottle back in the day?
  2. shamu1
    Nevena, this is the bottle I have, which does look like a tailor's dummy:

    I love Aramis 900! I think I'll wear it tomorrow.
  3. shamu1
    I guess it's my turn now:

    I recently re-purchased a scent that I've been a big fan of for a long time. I'd used up a bottle many years ago, but didn't replenish it until now. It smells very traditional and is in a style that is considered by the general public (at least in the US) as being no longer in style. The big clue? People who don't like this scent often say it makes a man "smell like an old lady". It is marketed for men, so we're not talking about something marketed as unisex or ambiguous as to gender here.

    What is it?
  4. easyfish
    Hähähä, I know! - "smell like an old lady" = JHL. Am I right?
  5. Nevena
    Yeah, I get it. I imagine a dummy has to have a nipped in waist and that's why I never thought of this one. I do not find it depassé at all. It's not even macho. To me it smells of money. Was never very popular in Europe. It's quite avangard for its time when masculine was masculine.
  6. shamu1
    I knew someone would guess JHL! No, it's not JHL. That would have been too easy.
  7. easyfish
    That ineffable scent with the two oo! in the middle?
  8. shamu1
    It's not Joop Homme, if that's what you're thinking easyfish.
  9. shamu1
    Here's another clue, sort of: it is not an obscure or discontinued fragrance, yet it's one that seems to be hardly ever discussed in the Mens Forum, for some reason. Again, the old lady thing is the real clue here.
  10. Scent-e-mental
    Lagerfeld Classic? A real floral powDerhouse.
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