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  1. shamu1
    Nope, not Lagerfeld Classic. Good guess (definitely gets the old lady wisecracks), but that one is talked about a lot on the Mens Forum.

    Here's another clue: it was released after 1990, but still has a very old school smell. It smells like it could have been released some time in the 1970s.
  2. santino
    Balenciaga pour homme?
  3. shamu1
    Not Balenciaga PH. The one I'm thinking of isn't discontinued or obscure.

    Remember - OLD LADY SMELL!

    I'll wait for two more guesses before I throw another clue out.
  4. easyfish
    Rochas Lui ? If not, Ive at least promoted this hidden retro vibe gem! Go out and sample!
  5. Nevena
    Hm, "old lady smell" is a personal perception. Here are some masculine frags described as "old lady" but it's not how I myself smell them - Antaeus, Grey flannel, Habit rouge???
  6. easyfish
    A Priscilla Presley scent?
  7. Derbyman
    Opium Pour Homme?
  8. shamu1
    None of those.

    Here's another clue: it's a chypre. And it's obviously a chypre - no one would debate this, trust me.

    Man, I love this frag. I can't believe I'd gone five years without replenishing this jewel.
  9. PerfumeCollector
  10. shamu1
    Not Jaipur. Jaipur is an oriental. This one is definitely a chypre, without question.
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