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  1. Scent-e-mental
    Not that I have smelled it, but is it Basala by Shisheido?
  2. shamu1
    No, not Basala (I don't know what genre that one fits in, actually).
  3. shamu1
    I can assure you that all of you are aware of this frag, but it hardly ever gets discussed. I think the fact that no one has guessed it yet is proof of this.
  4. easyfish
    Arpège PH, perhaps?
  5. shamu1
    Not Arpege either.

    Here's another hint: this fragrance is very strong, yet it's more of an old school scent than a powerhouse. It fits within the new format of this group, yet it has never been discussed in this group before.

    Ahem, ahem!... It's a real jewel of a scent... Ahem!
  6. Scent-e-mental
    Emporio Armani Diamonds?
  7. AromiErotici
    Could it be Hermes Equipage?
  8. shamu1
    Neither of those.

    Here's a summary of the clues so far:

    1. It's for men
    2. Haters call it an old lady fragrance
    3. It's a chypre
    4. Released after 1990
    5. It's a well known scent, but isn't discussed often on BN
    6. Still in production
    7. You all have heard of it
    8. It's a real JEWEL of a frag...

    Another clue: it's made by a company that also makes a fragrance that you already guessed.
  9. easyfish
    Your beloved Onyx ?!
  10. santino
    The biggest JEWEL of 1990s in my opinion is Havana. But it does not fit with other clues.
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