Guess whichFragrance...

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  1. Nevena
    Safari RL? Red for men by Georgio BH?
  2. Sporenburg
    At first I thought A*Men (never tried it myself) but that one sure gets discussed on BN.

    So: Boucheron pour homme?
  3. shamu1
    We have a winner!!!! BOUCHERON POUR HOMME!! Chypre, chypre, chypre you guys..

    I mentioned "jewel" because Boucheron is a jewelry company.

    OK, Sporenburg, you're up next.
  4. Sporenburg
    Ah did it!

    Okay here goes:
    Legend has it that their first fragrance really smelled of cat-pee and had to be retired immediatly. After a long period they returned to the game and they have been steadily producing a nice line-up of stylish frags that leave a lot of people indifferent. The scent I'm looking for gets some flack for being almost identical to its female counterpart. Not a powerhouse.
  5. shamu1
    L'Eau d'Issey?
  6. Sporenburg
  7. santino
    salvador dali?
  8. Sporenburg
    No. Clue: a lot of people who like it say it smells like an expensive bar of soap.
  9. Nevena
    1916 Myrurgia? Or Maja?
  10. Sporenburg
    No. It's not old-school, it's from a certain non-aquatic new school. Puig makes their fragrances.
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