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  1. shamu1
    Antonio by Antonio Banderas?
  2. Sporenburg
    Ha! No. Let's see: they started as designers of leather goods.
  3. Nevena
    Myrurgia is under Puig. Under Myrurgia there are a feu others. Zara and Mango as well. It's not Zara as their F is feminine and M is different. Can it be Paco Rabanne "One million"? Those (the M and F) are similar.
  4. PerfumeCollector
    Opium pH smells like cat pee to me, but obviously is not it. YSL has been making perfumes for a long time. (And is not made by Puig either)
  5. Nevena
    Got it! Paco Rabanne Black XS for men. Almost a twin to the female version. Very nice and attractive scent I must admit. On a man, of course. Women seem to like those gourmand things.
  6. PerfumeCollector
    Paco Rabanne is made by Puig, so is A Dominguez, but if it started as a leather goods company it has to be Loewe
  7. Sporenburg
    No. Their head designer is a woman. Their perfumer too.

    (man, this Puig clue is really making you look in the wrong country. )
  8. PerfumeCollector
    GOT IT!!!!!!!

    Prada Infusion d'Homme

    The female clue was a giveaway
  9. Sporenburg
    Yes!! I also thought the female clue made it too easy.
  10. PerfumeCollector
    If I make too easy is not fun, if I make it to hard, is frustrating, so let try a fragrance that I think would be not easy, but it would be not too challenging either.

    I have not seen this fragrance ever being mentioned neither here nor the main forum.
    It has a famous "brother" that get a lot of flack both here and in the main forum.
    Inexpensive and one of the few aquatics that I tolerate
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