Oudh Ud Aoud <3 erz

  1. bluemoon
    He was Egyptian. I would guess that should have made it easier than if a Gulf Arab were trying to teach me. I couldn't get any closer than the French "r" which I thought was close, but he didn't! I had a hard time even hearing it, let alone reproducing it. I'm quite proud of my mastery of the Persian Q in Qajar, though :-)
  2. Abdul_Qa'im
    Haha ! Well, 'ayn is difficult to pronounce for Westerners, particularly 'ayn with dhamma (the 'u' variant). Egyptian Arabic is easily understood throughout the Arabic world because most of the top Arab movies and TV shows originate there, but they do pronounce some things differently. For example, they pronounce the Arabic letter "jeem" (which is similar to our 'j') with a hard "g" , like in the English word "gun" or "game".
  3. Abdul_Qa'im
    blue, I agree about the origin of the oud being something that sellers should advertise.
  4. acer3
    'If Shariffs is from an authentic deer musk source then so is Ajmals. Shariff white musk is more likelly to be synthetic though it is very nice and extreamly long lasting.'

    Sorry Bluemoon! I was really tired and sleepy when I posted my reply. I accidentally thought you were the one who posted that but when I just checked it right now, it was actually Abubakr Al-Misky's post. Really sorry about that ...

    Hahaha evogel ^.- well from what I've heard, your only suppossed to use like 1 or 2 drops tops. I guess I over indulge huh? Hehehe ^.-
  5. evogel
    MrP, I wish I could help you out further. As Bluemoon mentiones, the only review of the Agarscents Kalimantan here was done by Al-Khidr. Perhaps you may want to PM A-K for any further specifics unless anyone has anything to add. If you are looking at a similar price point, I can also recommend Oudline's COMQDM but that is a Cambodi oil.
  6. Al-Khidr
    MrP -- I thought the Agarscents Kalimantan was a very nice specimen, for the price. It is certainly not an "elite" oud in any way. But it is thoroughly pleasant, and reasonably complex for the price (at the time I think I called the price "smashing"). I also liked his Malaysia Brown (a Taoist oud), and would put it in a similar range of enjoyability/affordability. Quite accessible, such that you can wear it while playing Twister. Not stunning, just *nice*. Not a vintage Rhone, but an icy glass of lemonade on a hot and happy day, with mint or lavender, or maybe even a pinch of cayenne, added for a pleasing twist.
  7. bluemoon
    Al-Khidr. That image is priceless! I laughed so loud I'm sure I woke my neighbors across the street :-)
  8. acer3
    Did they come knocking? ^.^
  9. Organic1
    Khusoosi Qadeem by Moulvi Sons in India- Just some thoughts.
    Khaas amoung Indians it means special or sometimes specific.
    So It might mean Special Old- Old Special and if a supplier is in India without a website
    they will just call it Oudh, why mention the Origin in a place of Origin, unless it is something from another country all together.

    As Jack once said on his trip to Italy, in Italy they don't call it Italian Food, they just call it Food.

    In Egypt it may be called Gusoosi Gadeem

    Blue- the cab driver and oud is a good story.

    Does anyone know why they spell Oud with an added letter H to make it Oudh?
    I mean in Arabic there is no Ha, Oud is a 3 letter word even in Arabic.
  10. MrP
    thanks al khidr. I am also wonderig which oud in my collection it most resembles, but this may be somethng I have to figure out for myself.
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