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  1. phibess
    Yes, the smooth and warm sandalwood drydown is the part of your blend I like best. The rose otto is beautiful too, I wonder how his mysore compares to the aged oil. Here's an informative article on sandalwood from Lawless if anyone's interested.
  2. dredmahawkus
  3. peppermua
    Tell us about thaqeel Dred! What's it smell like? How does it compare to ASAQ's camboudi muttuaq, 16 year old camboudi muttuaq & mubakher and agaraaura Camboudi Ateeq and Calambac? I want to live vicariously until I receive my own little bottle :-) How is the viscosity is it more like molasses or melted mozzarella cheese?
  4. peppermua
    Right now I'm wearing Montale Crystal Oud. I think this is my favorite so far but I'm still working my way through my samples.
  5. dredmahawkus
    Thaqeel is pretty amazing....there are alot of notes the same as the cambodi mattak.....but its more like the presentation of the whole thing....first off I wouldnt leave the house till I had it on for a couple hours. one milliswipe and it stays wet in that spot for hours! its thicker then takes an hour or so just to start melting on your skin...thats the only way to describe like starts to melt in that spot then starts looking like regular oil....thats when it kinda has the mattak smell.........
  6. dredmahawkus
    then after it binds with your skin its just amazing....the smell is so sweet me if I was a millionare or even a hundredthousandare I would want to smell like this everyday...well almost everyday.....the only thing is I would be affraid to put it on then run out the door....thaqeel and yourself need time alone together to bind would need at least 2 hours or more a day to put it on and just sniff and wait for it to bind with really was incredible.....the little bit I have I cant wait till next week when I have 10 hours to sit there sniffing it on me again.
  7. dredmahawkus
    when I first put it on I jumped the gun and said this smells just like the cambodi mattak.....but little did I know what was going to happen 4 hours blew my mind!
  8. phibess
    great you love it so much, dred. To me Thaqeel goes through 3 main stages - the 1st is lots of smoke and 'hard' wood melting very slowly into buttery soft wood (stage 2); and stage 3 - light and subtle woody sweetness that lingers on and is devoid of any smoke. Actually, I find the first moments and the smoky bitter edge most irresistible..

    I wore Homage from a generous sample today. Still not sure if I really like this oil.
  9. dredmahawkus
    I like homage.....I like taifi jasmine combo.

    you might like the ASAQ aged smoked has a smokey that lingers pretty much throughout.
  10. phibess
    Prince Bandar by Agarscents bazaar.
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