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  1. ferine
    Are there any other women out there who wear this excessively sexy men's fragrance?
  2. Astaroth
    I just picked up some Kouros. It's great stuff. I'm wondering where it's been hiding all this time ...
  3. Snafoo
    I'm not sure how much can be said about Kouros in a forum like this, but I joined anyway because I LOVE KOUROS!
    As I've said many times on the main board, my favorite time to wear Kouros is when working outside in my garden on a very hot day. The hotter the better. Seems that heat and light and sweat just turns Kouros on in way that can't be described.
  4. Karenin
    I said to myself- I need a real treat for my 33rd birthday! A new fragrance perhaps? And I opted for KOUROS! Why? Well, itīs one one of the most fabulous menīs fragrances ever created: mighty, potent, long lasting, with an irresistable drydown. An opera for the nose! A must for every sophisticated man!
  5. Dimitrios
    Good to see this group growing .
    The big K made the biggest impact on me back when it first appeared .
    It still impresses me to this very day , though I don't wear it as much as I used too .
    May it remain the King of Controversy for eternity !
  6. Indie_Guy
    I was working on my DIY perfumery and I decided to try to make something similar to Kouros. Not an easy feat, but somehow the results were pretty good. I went about making different variations-- and one of them smelled like it could have been "Kouros Pour Femme". Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman!
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