Greek Basenoters!

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  1. Sorcery of Scent
    Hi Melody! Greece loves you too! (My wife is Serbian)
  2. evinick
    Hi everybody
    Seems that, I am the latest addition to the community although I am a Basenoter since 2006 (shame on me). In fact it is great to communicate with people that come from or simply love Greece in anyway from all over the world. Congradulations to dimitri who had the idea. My first name is Nikos, I was born and I still live in Athens. I am 40 years old, father of a 6 year old cute little girl . I am a fragrance maniac from the age of 10 or so. My other hobbies : Jewelry design, cooking, photography. Greeks of the world : We also think of you and personally I will be happy to meet you whenever you come to our country.
  3. Dimitrios
    Hello everybody ,, Its so nice to see our group grow so much over the past year .... welcome evenick & all other recent recruits !
  4. dreamchaser
    Hello compatriots. Thank you for the invitation. I am born and raised in Canada, but my roots hail from beautiful and inspirational Lefkada. I've noticed there are others with Lefkadite origins in such a small group of people. Is there a scent that captures the smell and feel of Lefkada? It would be nice to find such a fragrance that I can enjoy and feel like I'm there even when I'm far away. Perhaps Bond no. 9's Wall st? Thank you for creating the site, Dimitri.
  5. Sorcery of Scent
    Great to see a sense of community emerge from us Hellenes here on Basenotes! :-)
    Its a pleasure and an honour to have you all here!
  6. sophi
    I am Sofia and i am from Salamina Greece!I joined in March and i am very glad i did!
    I love perfumes and like collecting them!
  7. mariabar
    Good morning, divinely-smelling Greek around the world( we must discuss which perfume matches best with zaziki...)
    I m new in Basenotes and this group,I 've been so excited to find it.
    I live in Chalkida, a small town one hour far from Athens,I am a lawyer, married to an eqauesrian- teacher from Skopje,Fyrom(unfornunately not parfume-enthousiast, not even for DZING!, but I'm workin on it),mother of three training-perfumistas.
    In our small town there is only one department store HONDOS, selling limited range of mainstream parfumes and NATURA with some older Annick Goutal and L' Artisan Parfumeur.Going to Athens shopping is very hard for me with my job and the kids, but i "study" and order through the net.My first purchase was BANTIT unsniffed, I was so shocked, like expected, very funny!
    My last purchage(proud!) was MITSUKO edp.It maches super with Kings and Qeens Isabella orange-cinnamon Body Lotion-can you imagine?So, glad to join you all!
  8. *dora*
    Hello everybody,

    It took me long to join the group but... better late than never!
  9. Nikolaos
    Hello everybody, my name is Nikolaos born and live in Thessaloniki, it's a big surprise to see a Greek group! I'm a collector of Oud oils, Attars and Resins. Nice to be here with all of you!

    Never be late to join a home group!

    Polla filia !!!
  10. Dimitrios
    welcome nikolaos
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