Parfumerie Generale Enthusiasts

  1. bbBD
    Good Idea, Note!

    I'm in Aomassai today. I rarely use a 1ml sample for a SOTD, but this fragrance is strong enough, and lasts long enough, to have @.8ml last all day. Yesterday, a dab on my hand lasted over 16 hours. I haven't tried Querelle yet, but I think I might enjoy Aomassai more than Un Crime Exotique.
  2. moltening
    I think that Aomassai is a more 'interesting' wear than Un Crime Exotique. Do you get vetiver? If you enjoy SL's Vetiver Oriental, I'm sure you'd really love Aomassai. I tried it a few times and found it to be pretty complex, detecting something new each time. (woods, resins, spices, incense) On the other hand, Cedre Sandaraque has been really enjoyable for me from top to bottom with its resinous smoky pralined amber and cereal/tea.

    By the way, has anyone tried imagining Cuir d'Iris as "lamb chops" ? I let my mom try dabbing some and she sniffed and said that "This smells like lamb!" I sniffed her hand, used a bit of imagination, and had to agree that it could be imagined as lamb, albeit a very powdery buttery one.
  3. Sugandaraja
    Samples of L'Ombre Fauve, Iris Taizo and Cedre Sandaraque arrived in the mail today. Looking forward to getting to know them.
  4. Prince Barry
    Prince Barry
    I didn't know that this group existed. Seeing as I have been a personal friend of Pierre's for a few years now, I thought that I had better join.
  5. mi-hooked?
    This quote says it all:

    A group for well... enthusiasts of and appreciation of Parfumerie Generale's often overlooked and underhyped creations!

    My quote: "Sublime"
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