What Will Become Of Poor Tendre Poison?!

  1. Le Grand Duc
    Le Grand Duc
    It's clearly borderline discontinued.
    Such a shame. It's nowhere to be found in Copenhagen,
    and is listed as 'not in stock' in all online shops I've
    checked. It's not even listed on Dior's international site.
    The death of a legend!

    I loved it back in the 90s. I even made it my mothers signature scent.
    Then I got tired of it, and didn't think much of it for years.

    After I joined BN, and discovered, that it was more than tough to get a
    hold on a bottle, I bought one while I could, and dammit, I'm in love again.
    And now it's almost gone. The prices are already skyrocketing at the Bay.

    You like Tendre?!
  2. musse
    Yes, "borderline discontinued" (good expression!), but www.fragrancex.com got it! 30 ml EdT for $90 and 50 ml EdT for $109.
    Ive been having my eye on this one with F-x for a while, AND, I think the price is higher than it was say half a year back, or so...
    This is maybe my favourite after Hypnotic, went through a copla bottles when it was launched, and Ive never gotten so many compliments on a scent, except for Blue Grass by Arden (!!!)
    I hate purchasing from eBay, but it could be worth checking out...sigh.
  3. musse
    Hey - how much do you have to pay "at the Bay"??
  4. Le Grand Duc
    Le Grand Duc
    I bought my 30ml off the Bay for about $40,
    it was still sealed and all. All auctions will
    entertain bidders, there are a lot of ppl who
    is on the market for a bottle.
  5. Sugandaraja
    I have a feeling there's enough of this around that even if it was discontinued it would be fairly easy to find the next five years or so, at least. ( I've still found L'Arte di Gucci without too much trouble, and it's a more obscure frag that's been gone for longer; since '03 at least. )

    I wonder if they're going to add a new Poison if they fully discontinue Tendre...?
  6. Nevena
    I never liked much tender Poison and was quite desappointed when I first smelled it as it was not as opulent and powerfull as the big POISON. My best friend wore it. It's very similar to Cabotine, which I had and hated then. My fave of the green bunch was C'est la vie by Lacroix and I still have the powder. Try Cabotine, it's very similar, but briter green! I hope it does not get discontinued and my heart goes to all who love and miss it.
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