free samples - series 1

  1. shermanirving
    As a means to introduce myself to fellow sampling addicts, I'd like to do what others have done and offer free samples/decants. Pick from the following and I'll send it to you. How many I do of each depends on the scent. Contact me via pm.

    Eau Fraiche de Christian Dior (vintage)

    LesNez Turtle Vetiver Exercize 1

    Chanel Pour Monsieur (vintage)

    Robert Piguet Bandit EDP

    Guerlain Philtre d'Amour
  2. melliferam
    Hi, this is probably a silly request as i can see this was posted a really long time ago, but i cant help myself i have to ask, would you still have a sample of the LesNez Turtle Vertiver. I am really keen to get a sample and cannot find it anywhere. I bought the LesNez sample set from their website and asked if it was possible to get a sample but only got a paper stick that had been sprayed. I really love the Unicorn spell and L'Anitmatiere and Let me Play the Lion (but not Manoumalia which has a rather magic tree like chemical fragrance) and being a tester addict really want to finish off testing the whole range.
    I am new to basenotes so this may not be the right way to reply, but i have to assume pm means post message.
    I might have something you would like as a swap, sorry i havent checked your profile but just browsing this group and suddenly seeing someone offering a sample of the very sample i am currently coveting i just rushed to see if you still had a sample.
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