A meetup in 2010

  1. Effluve
    Will there be a meeting for Canadian Basenoters this year in Vancouver (or Victoria)?
  2. Sugandaraja
    No clue! It would be much better to hold it in Vancouver, though - Victoria's selection is unfortunately dire.
  3. Effluve
    How was last year's event? Did many people show up? Was it fun?

    I would love to attend if there is a meetup this year. And I agree that Vancouver is a better venue. I can't even remember seeing a perfume store in Victoria when I lived there. Is there one?
  4. Master-Classter
    I've been working on setting up another Toronto meetup for a little while now. Just trying to find a good local. If you have ideas please PM me. I think indoors, not too loud, space to mix and mingle, etc. Could be a coffee shop, a store, gallery, etc.
  5. Master-Classter
    PS - sorry, didn't realize you were talking about Vancouver. In all honesty it's really not that hard to organize. Just do a search for members in BC, call a local boutique to see if they'll host you and PM everyone and take down RSVP's. Done-zo.
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