Salalah report, second part

  1. Profumo
    Trygve gallantly introduced me to her friends in the souk who trade in the fragrant treasure of Arabia. I was glad to find her a person generous of her time and of her knowledge, this is a very rare thing nowadays.

    Incense and perfume shop

    The Arabic treasure

    the traditional Salalah Makhbarah, incense burner

    She took me around in the desert and by the sea, driving me with her car as her personal guest, until I felt a bit ashamed to monopolize her time and life.

    Desert by the sea side

    Fresh coconuts and Bananas directly from the trees

    A place for diving

    End of the report soon....
  2. Guest 3
    Guest 3
    I've never seen so much frankincense in one place. What a vision! I'm interested in the Makhbarah, too. If you are ever able to get a photo of one with incense burning it it, I'd love to see that. Do they burn the incense on charcoal tablets, as we do here? I'm getting such a vicarious tavel thrill from your photo-journey. I have what may be a somewhat sensitive question, but it seems that your friend as a woman has more freedom to go about than she would have in Saudi Arabia. Does she wear a face veil as a western woman? I'm very curious about this, naturally, but don't want to offend or make assumptions. I can't get over those camels wandering around. What a paradisiacal looking environment.
  3. Profumo
    Trygve does NOT wear any scarf in Oman, she wears only an arabic name. She is a big fan of the sultan whom she calls an illuminated ruler for his people. Oman is effectively NOT Saudia.
  4. Guest 3
    Guest 3
    Thank you. I was doing some reading subsequently and found an interesting website by a lady in Salalah (Trygve has posted there, I see). It appears that many practices there with regard to women are because of centuries-old tribal traditions, and not the *official* law of Oman. I do understand that Oman is not Saudi. It's very interesting, very complex to someone who comes from the other side of the planet.
  5. firehorse
    Olifaction satisfaction and incredibly beautiful. Can you swim there or float around in the water?
  6. absolutetrygve
    Hi Abd as Salaam
    As you can see, I managed to join, finally. We have some connectivity issues these days. Very slow, probably due to all the traffic with the revolution, which we are calling the Frankincense Revolution by the way. You have written such sweet and complementary words. I am gratified that you enjoyed your time here in Salalah. To Ms. Lillybelle-Oman is an easy and safe, delightful country. Please consider a visit to this Sweet Sultanate when you next plan a vacation!
  7. Profumo
    Trygve dear, I am thrilled that you are here. I take this opportunity to advice all the members with demands about Frankincense in salalah to ask directly to Trygve and anybody who would like to buy Frankincense or make a business directly with Salalah to contact her privately.
    Trygve, the third part of my report is to come, a conclusion of my travel that you would not have expected from someone who came just for diving in the Indian ocean.
  8. Guest 3
    Guest 3
    Hello, Trygve! It's very nice to make your acquaintance.
  9. absolutetrygve
    Nice to meet you, Lillybelle.
    Hello Abd as Salaam, I'm glad to see you left KSA before anything starts there. I look forward to reading the third part of your travel report. I think you probably came at the right time for our sea has been choppy and agitated lately, with an attitude closer to what one might expect in late April.
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