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  1. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Im very taken with the Korres Saffron/Amber/Agarwood/Cardamom scent from this line.
    Who here has tried any or all of the three new scents in the range?

    We Hellenes ought to try and get behind these Greek releases and encourage those in the international audience to give them a sniff.
  2. 6ive
    Hi there,

    I have also tried the Saffron/Amber/... that you mention, a few weeks ago. I generally like spicy fragrances but this was way too... spicy!!! I liked it at the begining, the mix of Saffron-Cardamom-Agarwood notes were overwhelming and I enjoyed that, but I expected them to settle down a bit after a while. They never did! This might be good for some but I was on the verge of sneezing after an hour or so. If I could smell the amber it would be more comfortable I think, but really I could'nt. I want to try it a second time though, to see how it goes. Oh, the longevity and the price are a big plus, too.

  3. discovolante
    By the way,a dedicated shop can be found in the international airport of Athens,right after the passport's check.
  4. Melvournis
    Hi, as you can guess, I come from a little village just outside of Athens called Melvourni
    I came across a Korres outlet today and bought some Marigold & Ginseng After shave balm. The idea of marigold doesn't quite thrill me but I needed an after shave and so I'll try it. I'll pick up some of the absynthe shaving cream when I visit the 'place of origin' later in the year. I haven't seen any of the scents on sale here though. Be good as they say in my village!
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