HELP - Mac Expert Wanted

  1. Grant
    My Mac is buggered!

    I might post this on OT, but thought i'd give it a go here first
    of all.

    When I startup I just get to a blue screen with a spinning thing, and doesn't progress past this point.

    My Mac is about 5 years old and is of the lamp type variety, running 10.4 (Tiger)

    I've followed the instructions here:

    with no joy

    any clues...


    (praying I have a recent backup)
  2. Heartwood
    DH works for Apple. Gave him your gmail address.

    *fingers crossed*
  3. Grant
    cool! Thanks an_oud_girl!
  4. Grant
    Give your husband an extra kiss later! Just got an email from him -- looks like a new Mac is in order, but I might be able to get my data...
  5. Ronald
    The same thing happened to my old PowerBook G4... it turned out to be a bad motherboard and they had to replace the whole computer. Bummer...
  6. MemoryServes
    The two major flaws that causes laptop macs to collapse eventualle are 1) bad motherboard 2) bad harddrive .
    A small advice to laptop mac users overall: You can try to prevent the harddrive flaw by not filling your hd to the top all the time, it's healthy to keep the HD filled up to 70-80% .
    Because if kept near 100% some mac HD's has a tendency of overheat and go on a dead zone. I remember this was eventually caused by a cheap HD's that apple used in some of their laptops (they were toshibas if i remember right). Of course your mac quarantee will work and new chips will be installed, yet it won't bring back the lost data. All of us mac users know that when mac dies, it literally dies, getting your files back is close to a mission impossible from then.
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