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  1. dacha
    Hi all,

    I've been doing the perfume thing for about two and a half years now, I've been through a lot of samples and a few bottles. I live in the bush and work in a timber mill so I have a limited range of people I can pass samples onto and they're building up again. I also have some bottles that I am simply never going to use I am willing to pass anything that anyone wants on, gratis.

    Bottles barely used:

    Bulgari Black, tester of Original
    Beyond Paradise Men EDT
    Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme.
    Balmain de Balmain

    About 30ml of a 50ml bottle of Aziyade.

    Some 5ml decants of Fury for Men by Mt. Romance, an Australian company with a unique Aus ingredient.

    I've also got 40 to 50 samples I'm simply not going to use and would be happy to split into lots of ten or more.

    I don't want money; if someone feels the need to swap thats fine, but if no-one takes them they'll go to waste.


  2. dacha
    thanks for the interest Sparky and Verity are the winners!
  3. Sparky
    Thanks Dacha
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