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  1. LiliB
    Hi fellow Aussies
    Has anyone dealt with Hot Cosmetics? Their prices seem remarkably good, and they appear to be an Australian site, but I suspect like most, they are probably based in Hong Kong.

    I had an extraordinary experience this morning, my first with Strawberry Net. I placed an order for Caron Montaigne and Guerlain Mitsouko. The total came to $86, which was great. However, when it was finally confirmed by email, it was priced in Cypriot Pounds, and the exchange rate brought this to $211. I got the shock of my life. What next, will they charge in Martian Marbles next?

    Needless to say I sent an email quick smart, asking them to cancel.

  2. janesmth368
    You mean this one: ?
    I have dealt with them, they are ok, no problem. I got 2 perfumes few weeks ago, service is really good. You can always use PayPal, so there is no risk.
  3. Ozjon701
    Thanks Jane, I'd been wondering too. They seem to have a pretty fair range and real world prices (i.e. rest of the world). I'd be interested to hear more from anyone re the authenticity and condition of their scents. Looks to be a new company according to the ABN and ASIC details, and would appear to be running out of an apartment in Parramatta so no Aussie shop front and could well be sourcing from Hong Kong.
    Cheers Ozjon
  4. Dr_Rudi
    Funnily enough I was looking at them today. To be frank, I need a website that has an "about us" page; a "contact us" page - with a physical address and telephone number; and, I couldn't get the second page of any list of perfumes to load. My money went elsewhere.

    @LiliB - I don't understand why you were getting an invoice in Cypriot currency from Strawberry Net? I pay everything in AU Dollars there. And, whilst they are based in HK, everything I have ever recieved (quite a bit) is postmarked in Australia - I suspect they have a warehouse operation in NSW.
  5. janesmth368
    shalallaaa, they heard you, dr _Rudi:
    anyway, i received my second order from them on Friday and everything was perfect. I'm happy.
  6. fashionfemme
    I agree Dr Rudi, if I can't find out how long they have been in business or a real Australian phone number, I'm out. I have purchased from heaps of different online stores (none from Hot Cosmetics as yet) and really the only difference is service. The price you can get mostly through price matching and since most of them are located in Hong Kong, you aren't going to change too much about delivery time so I generally go with a company I trust. But having said that about price, one of my favourite stores Fresh Fragrances, has launched a daily deal site that has one product a day for a really cheap price (better than SNet or anything I have seen) and they are actually good products too, not like Academie or other low end brands. So if you want a cheap popular product, I suggest you try that.
  7. 57cc
    stay away from them , they advertise stuff they dont keep stock for , you will be waiting forever . i once ordered $150 worth of stuff and they gave me the runaround , got my money back from paypal , they refused to answer any of my emails and they didnt even respond to paypal , it was an easy refund .
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