What was the best sample you ever got that wowed you?

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  1. fifolo
    Amouage Dia. Then I looked up the price online, yikes! How could I justify spending that much on a bottle?
    Three days later I did...
  2. Mrs H
    Mrs H
    Love by Kilian. I adore it, but my god it's expensive!
  3. Birdboy48
    I'll have to say, I got a large group of samples from TPC when I first started getting back in to perfume. I got their 19 sample "Introduction to perfume Famlies" selection, and a sampler of all men's things from Hermes.

    But it was that little sample of Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain that I ordered on the side really did it for me.

    Still does, I must admit.
  4. mightypog
    Chanel Cuir De Russie from Surrender to Chance. Just got a 5 ml decant. I have a bad feeling that's not going to be enough. Dang, that stuff is pricey!
  5. _Aaricia_
    Let me Play the Lion made me something like that...
  6. CelestialElixir
    Mine was Mona Di Orio: Les Nombres d'Or - Cuir. I blind bought a 1ml sample nearly 2 years ago and have saved a tiny little bit of the juice in the bottle so I can keep smelling it whenever I like! It's not very often I can afford to buy a fragrance at that price but I must treat myself to a 100ml bottle someday!

    Another one which blew me away was Diptyque: Volutes. That will likely be my next purchase.

    I was also lucky enough to test out By Kilian: Smoke For The Soul. I have a birthday around the time of release and I'll be very tempted to buy a bottle of this - I've never smelled any other fragrance quite like this one.
  7. Imakescents
    Alien! Seriously, first sniff was immediate LOVE! Husband got me a big bottle for Christmas and I used and adored it daily. This was 3 years ago, and now I can't wear it anymore, it just smells horrible to me.
  8. jrmcquill
    Wasn't expecting much from a sample of O'driu Eva Kant I received from Luckscent, but when I finally tested it out, I could not get over the complexity and depth!! Both my wife and I couldn't keep my hands from our noses! Then I saw the price...
  9. Kiliwia
    The last sample that was instant love for me was Van Cleef & Arpels California Reverie. It's such a beautiful jasmine scent, couldn't help falling for it.
  10. Sago Palm
    Sago Palm
    Kelly Caleche by Hermes, and Vodka on the Rocks by Kilian. Both recent surprises that I couldn't get enough of.
    And I've put several of the favorites from this page onto my "to test" list, so I'm excited to try and hunt them down to sample in the coming months!
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