Kouros impression

  1. Andrew_B.
    Kouros really surprised me. With all the talk about it being "king," I expected a fragrance that is as aggressive as Le Male. To my surprise, I found a fragrances that falls into a feel that is not far from some Penhaligon fragrances. IOW, sort of pleasant.

    Anyway, I'm testing it for the second time. If the dry down goes well, this might go on my list.
  2. Astaroth
    The dry down is actually what the majority of people like the most, since by then the harsh, urine-like notes have mostly disappeared. Great stuff, in my opinion. I've recently gotten up the nerve to occasionally wear this at work. I get some funny comments, but they are mostly positive.
  3. Andrew_B.
    Reading my post again, I realized I understated my impression. I guess what I meant to say is I expected it to be an "in your face" fragrance, but found that it played more gently than that. And also that I like it and it's original.

    BTW, I don't get any of the negative notes people talk about.
  4. Astaroth
    I slightly perceive the urine note in the beginning, but it goes away after about 30 minutes. After that, it's a nice ride.
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