THIRD GAME STARTS: do perfumery pheromones influence the behaviour of others towards us?

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  1. davido22
    AbdesSalaam, thank you for the animalics and the Samurai you sent along with my Pheremone. I was really amazed by the power of each of the animalics and the hyraceum was the stuff of science fiction, like the scent or secretion of an alien. I will start by trying the first test and then move on as I gain information. Again, thanks for your kind giving.
  2. mumsy
    If I were to do a perfume experiment on my exhibit, then which animalic would be the one to attract mainly men? If I put civet upon it, then surely it would arouse antagonism towards it? If I put musk, then would this not attract women more? I do not know enough about hyracium, castorium and bee to know what effect this may have. My creature is meant in 12th c folklore to have very evil breath so it would not be inappropriate, but I would be loath to put something upon it that may inhibit any chances of natural evaluation of my own skills.

    If these scents are made by animals to warn other males of territory boundries, then are all these scents not antagonistic to other men?
  3. Profumo
    Mumsy, the rules of olfactory psychology are the same for pheromones as they are with all smells, it is only the eff3ect that change because pheromones directly provoque physical processes in our body while other smells do it indirectly through the endocrine system.
    One of the first rules in olfactory psychology is "the psychological effect of a scent depends in great part from the context in which it is perceived".
    The context does not mean only the outside material situation of the subject who is smelling, but also the psychological situation in which he is immersed and also his own psychologcal situation, for instance his expectancies.
    It is very easy to understand this when you have experience, and this occasion is right for you to gain experience.
    Follow your intuition and your nose, you will alays gain something.
  4. Profumo
    Davido, welcome. I hope that you will enjoy experimenting with these scents and discovering the hidden connections of human mind with the nose.
  5. AmritA
    Hello Salaam and profumo frends. I had meeting with Indian boss and I followed advice to put Rose during my visit. It was interesting that I forgot my oud oil at home, but arabian partner couldn't arrive. So I find out that Indians were very kind to me, answered all my questions, were ready to help. I also find them very pleasant person and I didn't feel any tension during meeting. I think that this smell joined us and help to creat trust.
    For my meeting with Franch perfumer I didn't put any perfum, because this man have also vision. But in some moment when our dialogue became very difficult I suggested him to use his perfums (we were in his shop) by intuition and we use them together with all the people participated. It worked for me. This was the case when we used the perfume consciousnessly.
  6. Profumo
    Amrita, I am glad all went well, had you told me who he was I would have advised you about the right scent for him.
  7. Profumo
    Civet, Castoreum, Hyraceum and Honey bee samples are still available at TPC, free for the members of this group with any order you pass with them. It is enough to ask the samples (2 at a time) when you order anything with them.
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