Oud caravan n3, the project is ultimated

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  1. Profumo
    Thank you Oudhiferous, the help and advises of the group has shaped the perfume more than anything else. In natural perfumery there is 99% inspiration and 1% work. I believe that I never spent more than 2 hours on any of my perfumes. On any other craft the proportions are contrary, 99% work and 1 % inspiration. On the other hand I have spend hundreds of hours of work on any of my calligraphies.
    In a custom perfume it is the person itself that provides the inspiration, with his personality and taste. In Oud Caravan the Basenoters have provided the inspiration.
    In making a Natural perfume the difficulty is to know how to stop. When the result is satisfying, before messing up and confusing the fragrance in a search for unreachable perfection. On the contrary with synthetic perfumery the more you add and the better it is, because 200 single molecules in a fragrance are not very much to build a complex scent, this is much less than most single essential oils.
    Oud is an extremely complex essence that contains a huge number of maolecules some of which, such as lactones, are rare in the botanical realm because complex to synthetise by plants.
    Here I remember the quote of a Basenoters quoting Guerlain: " have simple ideas, apply them scrupulously, never cheat on the quality and make good products"
    Thank you to all the group members who have been helping me in this project the like of which was never done before.
  2. Profumo

    Oud Caravan giveway.
    A full bottle of Oud Caravan will be assigned to the author of the best post in the 3 oud threads (picture above).
    Anybody can vote, but should not vote for himself. So, invite all your Basenotes friends to join in and vote for you.
    The winner will chose what he prefers between the 3 versions of Oud Caravan.
    The second and third winners will have a 10 ml bottle.
    Voting is done in this thread.
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