Which version do you have?

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  1. Balthazar
    Kouros Fraicheur
  2. bienseant
    I have Body Kouros and Original.
  3. k e i t h
    k e i t h
    I have an older bottle with the chromed shoulders and base. This version has parfums corp on the base. I also have the new l'oreal bottle from 2013 without the chrome. Very big difference between the two!
  4. cytherian

    I also have a bottle of Eau de Sport, and a mini of Fraicheur.
  5. Francolino
    both and layering them together is just great!
  6. cytherian
    I have 3 bottles of the 1st release, 1 bottle of the 2nd release, and just recently acquired 1 bottle of the 4th release.

    The first is best. There's a thick and luscious sweetness to it that is divine. The 4th release isn't bad... At first it smells very much like the original, but then as it dries down it soon reveals some lacking qualities. Overall not a bad fragrance, but I won't be getting another once it is used up (like Francolino, I layer it with the original release). To me, it's worth forking over more for the 1st and 2nd releases.
  7. RoRo
    I have Fraicheur, Eau de Sport, and I just acquired the original in a vintage (1982) splash bottle. I had the flankers first, and liked them enough to seek out the Kouros that started it all. About a year ago I got a used bottle that was made around 2008, and it was a bit of a letdown. Hardly wore it, opting instead for the flankers. But now that I've tried the vintage, I finally see what the fuss was about.
  8. willyb
    A few bottles each of Charles of the ritz, parfum corps and fraicheur. About 3 of each. To me anything newer than those isn't worth having.
  9. nfn1983
    The original (1982, 1994 and 2005)
    Cologne Sport (2003)
    Eau D'Ete Summer Fragrance (2005)
    Tattoo Collector (2007)
    Body Kouros (2007 & 2010).
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