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  1. Profumo
    The Ouds have been smelling were not Oud. The Valeian smell things that you have had are a common attar used mostly in India under to make some cheap Ouds without Oud. The Cheese smell can be from a vegetal oil that has come rancid, as with many cheap Patchoulis from India.
    You are only one among the multitude who thinks he has been smelling Oud and who has not. This essence is more rare than Ambergris itself and who visits middle east now will have a hared time finding it pure and unadulterated, because of this rarity. Unlike 20 years ago when it was still found easily it has become so rare that everybody is mix ing it because much more profit is generated by a small quantity of Oud when it is diluted with other things, and you will end up with a scent that common customers even prefer, because Oud is not a scent for common people, it is a princely essence and only a heart with enough strength can wear it.
  2. Marco Aurelio
    Marco Aurelio
    I think you are right Profumo.I believe that in theory, for what I paid for it, it might be the real thing (190 x 6ml. oil) , but what you've written leaves little room for doubt.

    Saif Al Hind by Ajmal was another interesting fragrance,but in that case the seller assured me it was a synthetic:the smell was that of a very old leather shoe full of balsamic vinegar.
    However, I regretted not taking even that scent.
  3. Moschus
    Unfortunately I do not know the third version of Oud Caravan, I'm at the second version of TPC. I have high expectations for it. I wanted to be present in recent days to follow the good news, it was not possible for me but I'm only here now... I was away but my heart was with you.
    Oud Caravan Triumphs, and this is : Thumbsup: Nice.
  4. Asha
    Quick impression...

    Sampling La Via del Profumo Oud Caravan #1, the heaviest Oud of the set. Fabulously fecal turning to smoked vegetal not unlike vetiver!

    Will write more later...
  5. Profumo
    Dear masstika, I had chosen not to answer and let this post get lost in time but I had forgotten that many arab basenoters are part of this group. You did right to answer but I am the one who should have answered. Please excuse me not to have done so before.

    I have been travelling one full year in arab countries in 76, pennyless, depending on the generosity and hospitality of the people for my most basic needs like food and water (in the Sahara). I am French and from the ex-colonizers, but I have been treated with such humanity that the Arabs won me over to their culture and to their faith and at the age of 21 I became a Muslim. I am now 56.

    I kept on travelling 2 years in Africa and 3 years in Middle East, as a dervish, still without money. This is where I learned the meaning of hospitality and respect of the stranger, be he muslim or not, man or woman, which are at the very core of the Arabic culture.
    It is completely false that Arabic people have animosity towards non muslims.
    I shall not make any hypotesis from which culture can such an affirmation spring from, it just looks like some kind of propaganda to me.

    I kindly ask to all the members of the group to abstain answering to any further provocative comment and to just let the post get lost in time.
    Any further discussion on this subject will only bring bad feelings and bad words.

    I remind to the Arab friends that love of perfumes springs from a quality of the soul, there must be something good also in the person who wrote these offensive words, as he likes perfumes . Did not the prophet forgive the people of Taif who injured him with stones when he called them to Islam, saying "maybe from their children some will be believers".
    Not answering to provocation is the art of peace. Islam comes from the same word as Salaam, peace.
  6. masstika
    Peace to you and thank you for your kind and wise words. You are better than me; I refrained myself from replying until I saw that the same comment have been posted on the Oud thread as well.
    Thank you for keeping this space peaceful, welcoming and informative to all of us who love natural perfumes and Essential oils.
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