Profumo Summer Scents

  1. davido22
    I am going on a cleansing journey this summer. Lots of kale juice and meditation and sailing. I always however need my go to scent for the season. I think Profumo's work fits perfectly with my summer lifestyle and I am wondering which scents you all recommend for the warm season of the year from our wonderful perfumer. Thanks in advance.
  2. Puente
    Hi davido22,

    I've tried his Cologne de l'Empereur which is really nice. Very citrusy and herby with the right amount of floral and civet notes to give it body and warms.
  3. hoschhti
    I can recommend "Holy Water", very cool and refreshing EdC-style perfume, but not boring. I also sampled his single note "Frankincense" which is absolutely divine, very airy, mineralic and citrusy. Imagine rock crystal had a smell, it would probably smell like this!
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