Mystra by Aesop (2006)

  1. odysseusm
    Notes: labdanum, frankincense, mastic
    This is a simple scent -- and sometimes simplicity done to perfection is completely satisfying. That is the case here.
    Woody, dry, green, resinous, haunting, invigorating, classy.
    Wear very well throughout the day.
    In the store, I tried both the Edt (splash) and Parfum (roll-on) versions. The Edt is a little drier, brisker and woodier than the Parfum which is very smooth. I preferred the Edt version.
  2. odysseusm
    Update --
    Notes: mastic, frankincense, labdanum
    Still enjoy this scent a lot. Simple but satisfying.
    Green, dusky, resinous, terpine, coniferous, woody, dry, medicinal.
    My kind of fragrance!
  3. odysseusm
    Discontinued this year -- so if this intrigues you and you see it, snap it up! It will become hard to find.

    Green, dusky, very dry. Resinous. Coniferous, bracing, cool, invigorating! Hints of wood. Wears very well. Simple and satisfying.
  4. odysseusm
    Terpene, green, resinous, aromatic. Very dry and uncompromising.
    Like CdG's Hinoki in style.
    I like it a lot.
  5. odysseusm
    Incredibly resinous! Coniferous and green. Sappy, with a woody undertone. Frankincense-centered, the labdanum and mastic are background. Bone-dry, even bitter at times. That's OK, it has a refreshing and invigorating quality. Beautifully simple. No florals or anything to soften it.
  6. odysseusm
    Time to revisit this sadly discontinued scent. Not on the market for a long time... but delightful. Watch for comments tomorrow.
  7. odysseusm
    Dry, green, aromatic, resinous, minimalist, satisfying.
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