Mystra by Aesop

  1. odysseusm
    Notes: ladanum, frankincense, mastic
    This is a simple scent -- and sometimes simplicity done to perfection is completely satisfying. That is the case here.
    Woody, dry, green, resinous, haunting, invigorating, classy.
    Wear very well throughout the day.
    In the store, I tried both the Edt (splash) and Parfum (roll-on) versions. The Edt is a little drier, brisker and woodier than the Parfum which is very smooth. I preferred the Edt version.
  2. odysseusm
    Update --
    Notes: mastic, frankincense, labdanum
    Still enjoy this scent a lot. Simple but satisfying.
    Green, dusky, resinous, terpine, coniferous, woody, dry, medicinal.
    My kind of fragrance!
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