Tincturing a 150 million years old aromatic raw material

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  1. Profumo
    BShell, better talk about sellers privately. However a I do not think that a 35000 years old resin has become amber yet, in the sense of jewellery amber.
    Baltic Amber is estimated to be up to 300 million years old. This is indeed a huge difference.
    All what I have read about absolute or oil or essential oil of fossil Amber do not refer to Baltic Amber 100 million years old or more.
    I still do not believe in these, but apparentely something is coming out of the tincture.
  2. mumsy
    Fascinating. It would appear that an understanding of polymerisation would yield a clue as to how and why it may release any scent. The volatile part of amber must be the terpenes and these would, in theory, have all dissipated with time. A million years or so may just be enough...

    It will be very interesting to see what smell will come of this.
  3. bshell
    Dear profumo:
    What I posted was a link to another website that sells a fossilized amber perfume product made by "destructive rectification" of 350,000,000 year old amber from the "Himalayan region". The terms in quotes are vague, so who knows what the stuff is? They say that it is "Pleasantly smokey, resinous, leathery, woody-dry with hints of pine & balsamic overtones; somewhat sweet & reminiscent of red-wine, with smooth amber undertones." It dissolves in ethanol and in oils. I am guessing however, that since this material is from India, it may be adulterated in some way.

    My point in adding this to the discussion is to say that you may have some success in your experiment as it appears that someone else in the world is selling a product made from 350,000,000 year old fossilized amber. I don't know where you found the 35,000 year number in your reply above. That was not on the website that I originally posted on this list.
  4. davido22
    Whatever became of this?
  5. Profumo
    Davodo, there are indeed news after 2 month of tincturing the material. see https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Vi...0719107?ref=hl
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