Tweed. Which bottle to buy?

  1. Possumbility
    I've been wanting to try Tweed. There's a lot of it on evilbay and there's a wide variety of bottle styles and prices. Any suggestions for which bottles are worth buying and which ones are worth avoiding?

  2. Scent-imental
    I have a couple of bottles of it that i will be listing. One is an atomiser, its an EDT full, in a sealed box, i know that it was stored correctly. i suppose it depends what you are looking for really. Imo, the old dabber bottles are prettier, and the 70's style atomisers are very square looking, and functional. But if i was buying for the scent, i'd go with a 70's atomiser, in the maybe mistaken belief, that the scent might be a little younger. Just my take on it
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