I may have found my holy grail -- Slumberhouse Norne

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  1. odysseusm
    This could be my holy grail scent -- it is that good.
    The notes include pine needle, fir, hemlock, and some kind of lichen - fern - moss combo. The scent boasts of containing only "forest absolutes" with no EOs or synthetics. The style is designed to convey "incensed coniferous woody resins."
    Comparisons have been made to O'Driu, and I agree. Powerful, quirky, resolutely "green" -- both have those in spades. However, I'd say that Norne is more attractive, even beautiful, than anything I encountered in O'Driu.
    It starts with an incredible conifer note. It is so bracing, intense, tingling with energy. It is what I have seen as the Platonic ideal of conifer. The moss brings a coumarin/hay note which adds to the complexity. In style the scent is cool, brisk, lively -- exactly what I've been looking for. This is for green fans and it is boldly herbal -- like mint at times, or eucalyptus, or henna paste. Woody notes like rough bark emerge, yet the scent remains very, very green. The scent is NOT mainstream at all: it is powerful, quirky, distinctive and quite charming. You can tell this is constructed from absolutes -- it conveys the highest quality and seems utterly natural. The highest commendation.
    Seriously, my fellow Conheads, check it out. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.
  2. MysteryBuff40
    Sensational find, Ody! I will give Norne a try. Sounds like a winner.
  3. MonkeyBars
    Good stuff. Have you tried Black Tourmaline? It's a bit less frosty pine and a little more turpentine-sawdust, but very similar to Norne, even down to the color, though i'm sure it's not all natural. When you find something that close to exactly what you love, a slight variation can be an awesome alternative or addition.
  4. shamu1
    This sounds awesome enough to purchase blind. Do you guys know of any online retailers that sell it? I've never seen it.
  5. MonkeyBars
    Direct from Slumberhouse http://slumberhou.se/
  6. shamu1
    Thanks for that link. Ouch - $115 for a 50 oz. bottle is a lot of money, but then again I can't imagine not loving this frag, based on Ody's description.
  7. Tonyprince
    I totally agree. This is probably my favorite release of 2012 and it's virtually impossible for me to imagine anybody who would be in the "cone heads" group not being totally knocked out by it. It's absolutely worth $115 for 50 ml.
  8. PerfumeCollector
    The ultimate coneheads perfume indeed.
    The only problem is its versatility, or lack thereof, as much as I like it, I would not dare to wear this for a business meeting, or the office, or a formal dinner, or for a social gathering, in sum, I would not wear this in public, just for those quiet nights at home with my better half.
    Read my review, it will take a couple of weeks in showing up thou, I just wrote it today.
  9. hoschhti
    I have sampled Norne and have to be honest mixed feelings about it: It smells perfect on skin, but on fabric it becomes very medicinal and after a few days it leaves a strange potpourri-like smell on it. Have you guys observed the same thing?
  10. odysseusm
    hoschhti, I agree with your comments -- perhaps it is a matter of taste. Actually, I really like a "medicinal" quality in a green scent. Something that smells like an ointment made of herbs is quite appealing to me. And one of my favorite scents is SMN Potpourri which is a very dark, spicy scent. I've never put Norne on paper and left it, but I think that even on my skin it has some of the above qualities. But I like those.
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