Miss Dior - Any fans?

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  1. minka
    The version of Miss Dior I own is in the "pebble" bottle and I crave this type of scent. A blast of oakmoss, leather, powder and something sweet I couldn't ID. Beautiful!
  2. mumsy
    Hi, Can I join this old woman group? I'm certainly suitable....lol! I second the Sherrer as a green crispy. It's one of my wearers. Also vintage tweed shouldn't be overlooked just because it is cheap.
  3. Cyn
    I have 2 versions of Miss Dior. One I love and one I am not so crazy about. Any ideas how to date my bottles?
  4. Toujours Mink
    Toujours Mink
    I love Miss Dior. Partly for being my introduction to chypres, which I have discovered I love. She has introduced me to Cabochard and others in my wardrobe. When I make a perfume for myself some day, it will probably be a chypre. Thank you, Miss Dior!

    (I discovered her by searching out perfumes by Jean Carles, who did Ambush which was my signature in high school. And yes, it really does smell like Canoe, but better.)
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