Jean Patou

  1. Scent-imental
    I "came by" 2 big boxes of vintage stuff, via my mother in law. And there were several items, well, more than several actually, but the one that made my heart beat faster, was the 1000 by Jean Patou, there were 2 bottles, one EDT, and one limited edition parfum in a Baccarat bottle. That one is on Ebay at the minute. I kept the EDT, and gave it a wearing. It is the epitome of heaven, bottled, imo. I was impressed by my ability to "get" some of the notes, as i don't consider myself to be very good at it. Longevity is very impressive, and i believe it is every bit as good as the day it was produced. Bees like it as well. Which freaks me out. I wore some vintage Chanel No. 5 today, same thing with the bees again. Wonder why thats happening? Doesn't happen with any of my modern stuff. Interesting. Old woman scents rock!!
  2. Cyn
    Wow, lucky you! I have vintage Joy and really like it. I shall have to try to find a reasonably priced 1000. As for the bees, I'm not sure, but it is interesting!
  3. BetsyMeszaros
    Bees! Just a thought but maybe the vintage perfumes contained more natural ingredients while the more modern ones contain more synthetic ingredients. Not sure why that would make a difference but it is something to consider. Other species have unique senses and bees might be able to pick up on things like this.

    Congratulations on all the fines. Vintage Chanel No. 5? I am so jealous. What a wonderful thing that you have this.
  4. Scent-imental
    betsyMeszaros vintage Chanel No. 5 is very reasonable on Ebay. As an example i sold my small bottle, of parfum, or eau de parfum, i wasn't sure which concentration it was, for ten dollars, there was appeoximately 4 mls left. I did however win a bigger 2 oz bottle of EDC, of No. 5 for 23 dollars, the bottle was almost full. I only bid on it, as it seemed too good a deal to miss. And strangely, i applied this vintage EDC to one wrist, and my brand new modern version EDP to the other wrist, and there is no contest. The vintage is unquestionably superior, with better longevity, and a far more "true No. 5" smell to it. My new EDPjust can't compete with an old EDC.
  5. BetsyMeszaros
    Scent-imental, I'm not surprised in the difference and that the older EDC is so much better. I found an old bottle of Shalimar EDC from the sixties in my old bedroom at my mother's house. I knew at once why I had fallen in love with it. I can really understand why younger perfume lovers that never smelled the older Shalimar are not impressed. I'm not impressed with the new stuff myself.

    I too have some good bargains on e-bay. You really have to look sometimes but every now and then they do pop up.
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